What you need to know if you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Learn fertility awareness

It all started after I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and decided I had the most fertile type of cervical fluid from day 6 of my cycle onward. Then I started having friends asking me about things that they read in it while I was in my certification program to become a fertility awareness […]

Don’t neglect yourself

Fertility awareness is self-care

Do you ever feel bad about taking care of yourself? For you it may be taking that extra time you need to do your thing. Spending extra money on healthy food or some kind of program or service you need. Not associating with people who aren’t good for you anymore. Etc., etc.   Why is […]

Why your perfect diet isn’t fixing your health issues

Hannah Ransom fertility awareness teacher

Are you ever working on some random health issue and feel like you just. can’t. get. anywhere? I have felt the same way. Unfortunately for me, I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to make my diet more and more perfect. Sound familiar? The diet trap is common because diet is super easy to control. […]

There’s an app for that [natural birth control style]

I think we are basically accustomed to having an app for everything by now. I actually don’t even have a smart phone (I know, what the hell, right?) and have come up with plenty of my own app ideas. Just a couple of weeks ago I was daydreaming about this perfect app for spacing out […]

What’s a typical day like when using fertility awareness?

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Does it surprise you to hear that, other than the fact that my business is dedicated to teaching the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness, I actually give very little thought to charting each day? I probably spend 2 minutes, tops, charting my cycle while I am fertile (about 9 days or so for me) and […]

Why most period products suck and what you can use instead

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When it comes to assaults on our health, women have a special place in our society. We have products specially made for us, or pushed on us that are not at all conducive to good health. Here are some examples (and perhaps ones that I will write on more in depth in a future article): […]

The surprising signs from your body that can produce an effective natural birth control method


Women are only fertile for part of their cycle. You may have been taught otherwise as a teen, but it’s true. We only ovulate once per cycle and the egg only lives for 12-24 hours. Does that surprise you? If the egg is only alive for 12-24 hours, how does anyone get pregnant, right? But […]

Love the idea of fertility awareness, but not sure on the execution?

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This is an excerpt from a new 5 day email course going deep into the benefits of the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness and includes loads of personal stories of mine from when I first learned about it, started using it, told my doctors about it, and more! If you want the full thing sign […]

Can you get pregnant from period sex?

Should I use the condom.. Or not?

The fact that you are even asking this question is good in one way: You know that you are not fertile for your entire cycle. Hooray! I’m going to let you in on one of the few things that I “learned” about periods and menstrual cycles (before I learned anything about fertility awareness). I was […]

Appreciating menstruation: An interview with Alexandra Pope


Today I have an interview with Alexandra Pope of Women’s Quest. The interview is a little longer than a normal blog post, but has a bunch of stuff you don’t want to miss, like: How the menstrual cycle is the best self-care tool you could ask for Why body literacy is as vital as (just […]